What Affects Stock Markets During the Earnings Season

During the earnings season, investors and stock market traders pay attention to many different variables that affect the stock market. This includes financial data and world issues. This article will cover these factors. Economic data Several major indicators, such as unemployment, GDP and GDP growth, can affect the stock markets. Although not every piece of economic data has a direct impact on the stock market, these indicators can trigger expectations of government action. One of the biggest economic indicators is GDP, which is the dollar value of all goods and services produced in a country during a particular time period. While a good GDP figure can boost share prices, a bad one can have the opposite effect. Another indicator is the Purchasing Managers Index. This is a measure of the growth of the manufacturing sector. A positive figure suggests that businesses are performing well and that their earnings are likely to increase. The housing and construction sector is considered an important part of any economy. The number of construction projects is another indicator of a healthy economy. High construction activity […]


Gold Bullion Investment Strategy

The chart for physical gold has been coiling for over a year now as you can see from the chart below and perhaps will start a move higher on any further easing from the Federal Reserve (which seems to be a strong possibility). If a move out of this coiling pattern does occur, you could play an ETF or if you are interested in buying physical gold, please read below for more information. Investing in gold seems to be a more popular concept these days, and is now frequently mentioned as an alternative form of investment for those looking for opportunities outside of the ordinary stock market. The rise in popularity of gold bullion investment may be partially due to the convenience with which people can buy gold. These days, all you need to do is visit a relevant website, and you will find that you are able to buy, store and sell virtually any amount of gold bullion that you please. However, before you rush online to buy gold, it is a good idea to gain a better understanding […]